Premier Design Builders, Inc. (PDB), has been in business since 1998. John-Troy Witherspoon is the President and CEO. PDB has strong financials, insurance, bonding and outstanding building and construction capabilities.PDB maintains a core staff at our primary location in Kernersville, depending on the job, we will bring in the expertise when necessary, whether via subcontractors, core partners and/or just as additional support staff.

Commercial, Industrial, Institutional, Residential, Government & Military

PDB employs skilled labor on an as-needed basis allowing us to perform construction jobs within a large geographical area, primarily the Southeastern portion of the United States. In addition, we have long relationships with strategic alliances with other companies throughout the area. PDB Management and Project/Site Managers interview these individuals/companies, assess their experience and fit them for the specific job, then hires them on a contingent basis with signed mutual commitments until contract completion. This business model has proven quite successful for us, and allows us to assure the customer the we have a stable workforce, continuity and cost effectiveness regardless of geographic location. Further, using contingent or temporary hires allows us to maintain low overhead costs which reduces our fees to potential clients. Working as a “design-build” firm, it allows for full execution of the “team concept” in conjunction with key contractors and sub- contractors working together from conceptual design throughout completion of the construction drawings and specifications. In many cases, we will use our in-house architects and designers to do the initial drawings and then have them further refined by one of our partners. In any event, PDB can provide a fullyintegrated  design-build/construction solutions

Small, Minority and Disadvantaged Business Certifications:

• SDB – US Small Business Administration
• 8(a) – US Small Business Administration
• HUB – NC Historically Underutilized Business
• DBE, MBE, SBE & SPSF – NC Department of Transportation
• CDBG Section – 3 – US Housing & Urban Development (HUD)

Contractor’s License Type/Limit: Type: General Contracting Limit(s) Unlimited. PDB has a North Carolina Unlimited
General Contractors License #50442 to perform the following under the State of North Carolina Licensing Board for
General Contractors Code Section .0200, and is certified for work in Classifications 1, 2 and 3 as described below:

Our Services Areas consist of: Commercial, Industrial, Institutional, Residential, Government & Military.

Building Contractor – This classification covers all building construction activity including but not limited to: Concrete construction – Grading and paving of parking lots, driveways, sidewalks, curbs, gutters and etc. – Demolition and clearing – Site work – Interior construction – Masonry construction – Renovation – Asbestos removal/remediation
Water Infrastructure – Sewer and Wastewater
Residential Contractor
Land Acquisitions – including Property Management and Relocation – PDB is certified by NCDOT as a Small Professional Services Firm (SPSF)



As a General Contractor, PDB always hires the best, the necessary “subject matter expert(s)” (SME) or teams with the experts in their prospective fields, in the case of Access Control Points, Technology and Building Area Security, we bring Mr. Johnny Mason, President/CEO of IST2 Integrated System Technology & Telecommunications Inc., (IST2), a technology based firm out of South Carolina. He will be consulting with PDB, providing project management and project oversight to technology based projects to the PDB technology services division. This division was created to provide professional engineering, project management and technology services that will address projects focused on Access Control Points, Technology and Building Area Security.

Mr. Mason, PMP, RCDD, brings over 25 years of experience in integrated services and technology based project
As President, founder of IST2, IST2 was the first firm to beta test Cisco Network Systems at Charleston Naval Base in 1981 and the first to test Oracle Systems at the same base. IST2 Integrated Systems Technology & Telecommunications Inc. is a small disadvantaged IT
Network Security business.

We provide access, always on communications, IOT Internet of Things, Security to protect information, assets, and people through collaboration across all security disciplines by converging cyber, technical, and physical security for a holistic approach that provides continuous real time always on communications, collection,
normalization and analysis of data and physical security vulnerabilities.

Our security and IT professionals include trained and certified Network Engineers, Security System Engineers, and Security System Integrators:

Expertise/Certifications: DOD IA CAN, CISSP CCNET, CCNA •DOD ISC2 Level I A •DOD IAT I, II, & III Certifications

Certified Enterprise Architect DoDAF , FEAF, TOGAF) •PMP, ITIL •Six Sigma •ISO 27005, IT Governance •MCP, MSCE, MSE

SPAWAR – Naval Hospital Charleston • NCDOT Rail Division •Coastal Carolina Bus Systems •Carolina Innovation Research

Core Competencies – Mobile Device Management •Network & Security Infrastructure Location based Security Controls •IT Internet of Things(IOT) •Mobile Rail Transportation Technology •Security Sensor Technologies •IT Facilities Enterprise Risk Assessment •Technical Service Desk Support •Facility Security Technology Training •Program & Project Management •VAR Systems Integrator Resellers: • FireTide , Bosch, CradlePoint , Aruba, Ubiquiti, Motorola, ViaSat.

Services and Technology Solutions: WiFi/Cellular Communications Security Monitoring and Reporting In place and remote mobile location identification, RF/cellular emission surveillance, wireless security Implementation, monitoring and provisioning of always on networks, Passenger Information Systems, and
remote device activation (IOT) and support Communications Wi Fi, Hosted Fixed Mobile

Transportation Services: as a partner with ViaSat Communications www.viasat.com, our focus is to provide your organization with turnkey passenger  security, safety and mobile information solutions Internet of Things (IOT) Technology for Various  Industries.

Our Internet of Things (OIT) Solutions address everything that a customer would need to collect,  analyze and monitor specific data and environments where communications would not nominally be  accessible.

Everything from metering, Monitoring to data gathering the IST2 Team would be our cost effective partner.






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    Premier Design Builders, Inc. (PDB), has been in business since 1998. John-Troy Witherspoon is the President and
    CEO. PDB has strong financials, insurance, bonding and outstanding building and construction capabilities. PDB
    maintains a core staff at our primary location in Kernersville, depending on the job, we will bring in the expertise
    when necessary, whether via sub-contractors, core partners and/or just as additional support staff.